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Development Tools

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Development Tools

You will find here some development tools to be able to easier contribute to Sankoré project. 


The core technologies/programming language on which Sankoré is based.


There is no dedicated IDE to work on the Sankoré project. Some people use Qt Creator while some other people use VI or Visual Studio. The only requirement is to have a valid license if you are using an IDE that is not free.

JIRA issue tracker

The main issue tracking system used by all Sankoré projects. It can be found here.


The main version control system used for all Sankoré projects sources. All details related to the source repository can be found here.

Git is a free & open source, distributed version control system; learn more at the Git website.

The git command-line tool is used to work with the source repository but the following software can also be used:


On the Microsoft Windows operating system, the Tortoise Git tool can be used to work with the source repository. This tool can be found here.


On the Mac OSX opertaing system, you can retrieve the source files by using the command line tool or by using a visual tool like GitX an Open Source Mac OS X Git client


On the Linux operating system, QGit can be used to retrieve the source files. It is available here.

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