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Bug Reporting

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Bugs reporting process

After the reception of a bug report a first check is realized to avoid the duplication of the reports. The bug is then reproduced and added in the issue tracker. On bug reproduction failure an email will be send, asking you for missing information. 

Some common vocabulary

This section permits us to remember two standard words that will facilitate all the feature communications.
A bug is an unexpected behavior of an existing feature. An improvement differ from a bug in a clear way. It is indeed an addition on a fully functional feature.

An example

To show this difference take the example of a stroke. To draw a stroke the pencil and eventually a color as to be selected. In this case a line drawn with a different color that the chosen one is a bug.
On the other hand an improvement could be the ability to choose between more than the 8 predefined colors. 

So please use the form you find in the How to report a bug section only if you want to report a bug.
To suggest a new feature or an improvement please go to the web site.

Issue tracker

The issue tracker will allow you to track and see all the reported bugs and all the new features.

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